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Efficient Adsorption of Sulfide Gas using Porous Zeolite Powder

Sang-hwa Lee*, Young Pyo Jeon*, Young Jun Lee, Yunju La, Jun Yong Song, Yong Yeol Park, Eun Jung Lee, Ok Sung Jeon, Sang Yoon Park, Young Joon Yoo, Keun-Hyeok Yang
Journal of Korean Physical Society, 79, 1157 (2021)
DOI: 10.1007/s40042-021-00345-2


We prepared zeolite 13× beads and 10% zeolite 13× bead-embedded water-permeable blocks using porous zeolite powder. The difference in the surface state and pore structure of the zeolite powder and bead was analyzed through scanning electron microscopy and Brunauer–Emmett–Teller measurements. The process for making zeolite beads partially damaged their surface. Furthermore, the pore structure of the zeolite beads changed from micropores to a mixture of micro- and mesopores. The sulfur oxide (SOx) adsorption efficiency of zeolite powder, beads, and blocks was evaluated. The initial SOx adsorption efficiency of zeolite beads decreased after washing ten times, but the increase in SOx concentration after initial adsorption was very small. The SOx adsorption efficiency of the block was very high even after washing ten times. These results indicate that the block is promising for applications requiring the adsorption of harmful gases such as SOx and NOx.