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Ultra-wideband transmission filter based on guided-mode resonances in two terahertz metasurfaces

Tae-Han Kim, Seontae Kim, Young Pyo Jeon, Ji Hun Ahn, Bo Wha Lee, Gun-Sik Park, Jaehun Park, Young Ju Kim, Sang Yoon Park, and Young Joon Yoo
Optics Express, 30(23), 42738 (2022)


This paper reports on a broadband transmission filter that employs the guided mode
resonances pertaining to a terahertz metasurface composed of metallic gold disks with a quartz
slab. Unlike structures involving conventional metasurfaces, two identical metasurfaces are
placed on the upper and lower sides of a thick quartz slab. This structure can excite both even
and odd guided mode resonances. The interaction of the two resonances at similar frequencies
produces a broadband transmission peak. The sharp spectral feature of each resonance leads to
the abrupt degradation of the transmission at the spectral edge, which can enable the development
of the filter application. The proposed scheme can facilitate practical applications such as those
of broadband filters at a terahertz frequency.